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Everyone is Afraid to be Forgotten

You were abandoned in a forest filled with forsaken souls.


Save your colony from a deadly disease!

Dude, I lost my pants

Help Jade recover his pants - may or may not involve playing poker


A relaxing jigsaw puzzle. Take a blanket and a cup of tea.

Welcome to the VOID

You were awakened by your Anabot only to know that the universe is dead.

Disposable Magic

After a long adventure you finally face the Evil Sorcerer…

Comigo and the Vacation of Fusion

Explore the sea, fuse elements to shape your own island, and take selfies!

Greed — a ct.js demo

A silly game about aliens, slimes and greed

I Like Dreams

A tiny text adventure about dreams

ct.js + Yarn "educational demo"

Catsteroids — a ct.js demo

Now featuring a boss fight! Gather power-ups, shoot asteroids, ships, and bosses!

Janus Analysis

A game about confronting a mysterious person named 'Janus'​

I am a Fish

A short story about a murder in space


🚁💥 🌜🌲🌲🙋🔥🙆‍♂️🌳🌳🐺

Red Wet Pump: Skull hunter

Dark hero fantasy/scifi platformer

У Харона Выходной

JAM Game for PGD Community Jam #7 (October 2021)

Pomi and the Templar's Labyrinth

Scape the Templar's labyrinth, get treasures, become famous and rich!

Memocats — a ct.js demo

Match identical cards to clear the board

Watery Caves

Collect coins as a submarine!

Greed: The Fall

Sometimes falling is the best part


Simple Games With Just Ball And Block.

Teh Kitteh

a tiny platformer for Mini-Jam 80

Up the River Gob

Help Jarri bring Winter Solstice cheer to the goblins of Goblin City.

Switch, Shoot, & Jump

Switch between two backgrounds to uncover traps and train your mind and patience.

Map Dowsing Game 2

find where the red X will appear


Top down strategy about plague (Mini Jam 50)

Ideogram Drills (for remote viewers)

(or the ones who do ideogram drills, anyway) -- yea, more psychic stuff


So many birds...

First Date Joe

Sometimes dates need a hero - other times they need Joe

Greed II

Conquer the worlds, collect the coins!


Upgrade for less time. Downgrade for more time.

Scalar Laser (SHMUP)

Experimental prototypes as I learn to make a shmup in multiple game engines.

Sort the Waste

Make sure that the falling waste lands in the appropriate truck.

Cosmic Glutton

Arcade shooter about a great space journey and... cookies?


Retro Pong / Breakout with a twist!

Sparkling Seal

It's sealing time

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