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I like Dreams

A tiny text adventure about dreams.

Explore your dream as far as possible until you wake up.


A relaxing jigsaw puzzle. Take a blanket and a cup of tea.

Enjoy dozens of full-HD puzzles in three levels of complexity flavored with nice ambient music. Ultra-casual, calming experience. 3 levels of difficulty.

Among the Wolves (🌜🌲)

A textless survival game made for Mini Jam 11.

Try to survive after crashing on a helicopter in this wild place with wolves, almost no food, and with a strange monster howling at night…


A game about voyaging the seas, fighting with pirates, surviving storms and everyday heroes.

An unknown disease spread to nearby islands. Your crew with city's only medic took a campaign to stop this illness and save the colony.

Disposable Magic

After a long adventure you finally face the Evil Sorcerer…

You find yourself in an epic boss fight! You should use your magic to survive, but sticking to one element for long causes you to take lethal damage! Change staffs as often as possible, combine powers, and use your powers wisely.

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