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Save your colony from a deadly disease!


Retro Pong / Breakout with a twist!

Welcome to the VOID

You were awakened by your Anabot only to know that the universe is dead.


A relaxing jigsaw puzzle. Take a blanket and a cup of tea.


🚁💥 🌜🌲🌲🙋🔥🙆‍♂️🌳🌳🐺

Disposable Magic

After a long adventure you finally face the Evil Sorcerer…

I Like Dreams

A tiny text adventure about dreams


Top down strategy about plague (Mini Jam 50)

Greed — a ct.js demo

A silly game about aliens, slimes and greed

Catsteroids — a ct.js demo

Now featuring a boss fight! Gather power-ups, shoot asteroids, ships, and bosses!

Comigo and the Vacation of Fusion

Explore the sea, fuse elements to shape your own island, and take selfies!

Memocats — a ct.js demo

Match identical cards to clear the board

I am a Fish

A short story about a murder in space

ct.js + Yarn "educational demo"

Dumb Dungeons

A game about stupid, pocket-sized dungeons

Red Wet Pump: Skull hunter

Dark hero fantasy/scifi platformer

Scalar Laser (SHMUP)

Experimental prototypes as I learn to make a shmup in multiple game engines.


Exponencial growing puzzle

Cosmic Glutton

Arcade shooter about a great space journey and... cookies?

Climbing Champions

Seeded procedurally generated mountain simulator

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