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Save your colony from a deadly disease!

Everyone is Afraid to be Forgotten

You were abandoned in a forest filled with forsaken souls.

Dude, I lost my pants

Help Jade recover his pants - may or may not involve playing poker

Welcome to the VOID

You were awakened by your Anabot only to know that the universe is dead.


A relaxing jigsaw puzzle. Take a blanket and a cup of tea.

Comigo and the Vacation of Fusion

Explore the sea, fuse elements to shape your own island, and take selfies!

Greed — a ct.js demo

A silly game about aliens, slimes and greed

ct.js + Yarn "educational demo"

Disposable Magic

After a long adventure you finally face the Evil Sorcerer…

I Like Dreams

A tiny text adventure about dreams

I am a Fish

A short story about a murder in space


🚁💥 🌜🌲🌲🙋🔥🙆‍♂️🌳🌳🐺

Catsteroids — a ct.js demo

Now featuring a boss fight! Gather power-ups, shoot asteroids, ships, and bosses!

Greed: The Fall

Sometimes falling is the best part

Memocats — a ct.js demo

Match identical cards to clear the board

Janus Analysis

A game about confronting a mysterious person named 'Janus'​

Pomi and the Templar's Labyrinth

Scape the Templar's labyrinth, get treasures, become famous and rich!

Watery Caves

Collect coins as a submarine!


Simple Games With Just Ball And Block.

Teh Kitteh

a tiny platformer for Mini-Jam 80

Up the River Gob

Help Jarri bring Winter Solstice cheer to the goblins of Goblin City.

Red Wet Pump: Skull hunter

Dark hero fantasy/scifi platformer

У Харона Выходной

JAM Game for PGD Community Jam #7 (October 2021)

Switch, Shoot, & Jump

Switch between two backgrounds to uncover traps and train your mind and patience.

Map Dowsing Game 2

find where the red X will appear


Top down strategy about plague (Mini Jam 50)


Upgrade for less time. Downgrade for more time.

Greed II

Conquer the worlds, collect the coins!

Scalar Laser (SHMUP)

Experimental prototypes as I learn to make a shmup in multiple game engines.


So many birds...

First Date Joe

Sometimes dates need a hero - other times they need Joe

Sort the Waste

Make sure that the falling waste lands in the appropriate truck.

Cosmic Glutton

Arcade shooter about a great space journey and... cookies?


Retro Pong / Breakout with a twist!


The classic 90s asteroid-shooting arcade game

Sparkling Seal

It's sealing time

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