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#43 Test EQS module

Last updated: 2019-3-16 13:39:30

#81 Class inheritance for types

The aim is to basically utilize JS classes and allow to call some kind of the super(); method inside each of the four of generic type events. Though it does not necessarily need to be based on js classes: as we know, the behavior of classes may be mimicked in other ways, even with factory functions.

Use cases:

  • different enemies that share one behavior (the current workaround is to make a function in the Settings->Scripts panel)
  • constructing different buttons with a uniform style;
  • making abstract classes. e.g. for pickups, hero classes and other pawns, etc.

Last updated: 2019-3-16 04:35:25


#80 Undo/redo in Rooms

Last updated: 2019-3-16 04:09:37


#68 Russian docs

Last updated: 2019-3-14 14:35:14
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych


#49 Packer: Add ability to set their own icons & more configs.

Last updated: 2019-3-14 14:35:10


#75 Revisit ct.res.fetchImage, it can't work

Last updated: 2019-3-13 12:54:25

#60 Add ability for modules to add extends for most asset types

Currently, modules are able to add additional fields in type editors so that they appear in a game's runtime as parameters. This can be seen in

So, add extends to:

Last updated: 2019-3-2 05:31:24


#46 Backups

Though ct.js already auto-saves the project to a recovery file, it would be great to save previous versions in separate files (similar to what YoYo GameMaker does).

Some things to consider:

  • it should be configurable, both in the number of backups and in the fact of creating them at all. One will not need backups if they use git or other svn (probably).
  • ideally, it should version assets, too. Maybe pack the project to a dated zip file?

Last updated: 2019-3-2 05:30:14

#53 Add A* pathfinding to EQS module. Create graphs from grids and from a list of provided points

The latter one can be done not only by hard-coding graph creation process when making a grid, but also by adding a method that will measure the cost and the fact of connection between two nodes. The downside: such manipulations will have quadratic complexity.

Last updated: 2019-3-2 05:29:19


#67 Virtual keys (module)

Last updated: 2019-3-1 12:33:50

Upcoming changes

#94 "Export to zip" command (in the hamburger menu) generates improper archives

Paths in archives generated by ct.js include windows-styled slashes \, which is a part of a file name on Unix. It then leads to unpacking issues on Unix machines, notably and GameJolt CDNs, that breaks games hosted there.

Workaround: repacking the zip file for yourself with other archive managers will generate a proper one, e.g. by using Winrar, 7zip, default GNOME archive manager.

Last updated: 2019-4-13 06:35:08

Current Release

#59 Decouple ct.sound from ct.js core

Currently, ct.sounds is included in the output js bundle, even if ct.sounds.howler is enabled. (ct.sounds.howler overrides the default object)

This is one of the issues that aims to make the core of ct.js slimmer.

Pool size that is configurable and is needed for the default sound system may be introduced as module-specific extensions, similar to what exists in for setting collision group (see #60).

Last updated: 2019-4-7 05:46:21

Current Release

#63 Graphics management overhaul

So the current graphics editor simply shows you a sprite sheet and allows you to set how this sprite sheet will be later divided in the game. This fact brings a bunch of issues:

  • it is expected that a user has a sprite sheet. Individual frames need to be joined before importing (bad workflow, excessive tasks);
  • Pixi.js leaks pixels on scaled copies when is run on WebGL. Padding on edges is needed;
  • no edit tools for frames, no reordering, cropping, scaling, etc.

The plan is to split graphics editor into sections:

  • Image splicer (a temporary one that will disappear when the image is split);
  • Collision shape editor;
  • Animation/frame editor.

Last updated: 2019-4-7 05:46:05

Current Release

#44 Code completions provided by modules

Last updated: 2019-4-7 05:45:58

Current Release

#40 Change drawing order in ct.IDE to fully reflect ct.js behaviour (or maybe rewrite it in Pixi?)

Last updated: 2019-4-7 05:45:54

Current Release

#41 Add extends in room editor, that allow to set scale, rotation, and other fields

Also see #60

Last updated: 2019-4-7 05:45:50

Current Release

#84 Trying to switch to a nonexistent room throws a cryptic error message

Last updated: 2019-4-1 08:10:20

Current Release

#85 Trying to export a project with sound objects that has no actual sounds imported throws a cryptic error message

Last updated: 2019-4-1 08:10:18

Current Release

#90 UI only bug: If a room was duplicated, this room and its copy will then share the same thumbnail

Last updated: 2019-4-1 08:10:15

Low priority
Current Release

Recently closed issues

#93 ct.touch reworking for Actions system, with pinch/pan/rotate support

Last updated: 2019-4-17 09:12:26

#92 A bug that doesn't show the new window when pressing Create in the Types window

A pretty nasty bug that doesn't show the new window when pressing Create in the Types window

  1. Open any room
  2. Press Done
  3. Go to Types and Create a new one (window does not appear and requires a switch to another tab and back to see the new window) On top of that, being in this "state" allows me to do the black screen bug in the room window again

Last updated: 2019-4-1 11:31:28
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych


#37 Convert keyboard codes to letters in ct.keyboard, as switching to another locale disables keyboard at all

Closed as it is not relevant for v1.0, as ct.keyboard is now action-aware and is based on KeyboardEvent.code. See #45

Last updated: 2019-4-1 08:10:20

Won't fix

#89 Jittering, jagged movement, out-of-bounds jumps ( issues)

Last updated: 2019-3-31 14:14:57
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych


#77 Delete a type should remove this type from all the rooms

Expected behavior: if a user remove a type from the project, clear all the occurrence of this type in the project's rooms. Current behavior: the type is not removed from the rooms and create JS error

How to reproduce:

  1. Add a type
  2. Create a room and put this type on the room
  3. Delete the created type
  4. Go back to the room : js error since the type is still referenced in the room but do not exist anymore

Last updated: 2019-3-31 12:29:25
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych


#87 Scripts of catmods should be bundled on one level with ct.js. Otherwise, they don't load on itch and gamejolt CDNs

Last updated: 2019-3-31 11:53:20
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych


#88 Revisit Comigo's commits that were made in haste before flying to MSC

Last updated: 2019-3-31 11:53:12
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

#86 Add "Welcome to the VOID" to ct.js jam sources

Last updated: 2019-3-30 08:53:53
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

#83 Website: roadmap

Each issue search query has its own access link for RSS feed with reading permissions. With these links, I can make a roadmap public in the way similar to how I import devlogs to

Last updated: 2019-3-18 15:36:55
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych


#74 Mac issues (no LMB)

So the biggest source of issues is that Mac laptops don't have right trackpad button, disabling them from using a context menu.

It seems that Mac users are used to long-press things to call a context menu. ct.js does not have this behavior.

Besides that, the debug window has a hidden title bar (with default close-minimise-maximise buttons), making it unobvious on how to close the debugger to return to the IDE.

Last updated: 2019-3-16 13:28:24
Assigned to: Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych