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ct.js aims to make learning programming fun and game development easy by its visual editors and well-documented code library. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Download v0.5.3 v1.0.0-next-3 Discord

Highly extensible

The core library of ct.js is small but powerful and can be easily extended in one click by modules. You can write your own modules, too!

Easy to learn

ct.js is accessible and ready-to-use for both newbies and pros. It is bundled with examples, tutorials, and docs.

Games that run everywhere

Games created with ct.js run in any modern browser, including mobile ones. You can also pack your game as an executable for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Get the newest features of ct.js Next

ct.js Next is the preview channel of the upcoming ct.js v1.0.0. It has new major features and QoL improvements.

Already includes:

  • Pixi.js-based WebGL renderer — ultra-fast!
  • Skeletal animations with DragonBones support;
  • Complex collision shapes with transform support;
  • Multiple selection tools in room editor;
  • More settings for backgrounds and camera management;
  • High-quality, automagical fullscreen mode;
  • New features for catmods.
Download v1.0.0-next-3

ct.js is an extensible library
coupled with visual workflow

Our demos

Each demo is open-source and is bundled with ct.js

Greed — a small silly platformer

Collect all the coins on the map!

This demo shows how to create a side-view world by playing sprite animations, transforming copies, creating simple enemies, handling player's keyboard input and detecting collisions.

Catsteroids — a space shooter

Fly through space, collect bonuses, earn score points and destroy asteroids and enemy ships!

This demo shows how to handle keyboard input, create basic menus, handle collisions and create new objects during the playtime.

Memocats — a memory puzzle

Find identical cards to clear the board.

This demo shows how to play sounds, animate things and use the core ct.js library.

ct.js has everything you need to build a game

Room / Level editor with tile support

Integrated code editor with error handling

Collision handling, and other libraries

Framed & skeletal animations

Music & sound manager

Styles to reuse GUI settings

Notes & docs in a side panel, on every screen

Ability to use custom JavaScript

Easy packing and deploying

Coming SOON

WebGL Renderer — Out now in ct.js Next!

More versatile tools for manipulating objects in rooms — Out now in ct.js Next!

Basic in-editor image maipulation tools: flipping, resizing, etc.

UI editor

Join the world of game development

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