Meet ct.js,your new 2D game editor

ct.js makes learning programming fun and game development easy with its visual tools, good docs and flexible, modular library.

It is free, open-source, and loved by hobbyists, professionals, teachers, and their students.

Download v4.0.2

Smooth workflow

Bad tools hinder your performance. Ct.js is designed to be like a brush with which you create games, not to be an enemy you will fight with.

Beginner friendly

ct.js bundles come with offline docs, tutorials, and editable examples and demos. The code editor highlights errors and provides documentation right while writing your code.

Write in beginner-friendly CoffeeScript, in JavaScript, the web standard, or even in TypeScript — depending on your skills and needs.


ct.js is based on Pixi.js, works on WebGL and provides great performance in browsers and desktop environments. Modules add new powers, and when ct.js is not enough, you can add any JS code or library.

Create games of any genre

Shooters, arcades, adventures, survivals, puzzles, visual novels — you name it!

Ill Fated

A vampire-survivor-esque shooter where your character only grows weaker through time. Fend off endless monsters and see how many curses you can get before you succumb to the foes.

Vacation of Fusion

A light-hearted island-building game where you mix elements to create new tiles. Features creative mode, cartoony graphics, and a selfie mode!

Welcome to the VOID

A story about rebooting the universe. Swim through the endless dark cosmos, engage in space combat, land on planets for expedition missions and explore the lost technologies.

ct.js has everything you need to build a game

Room / Level editor with tile support

Integrated code editor with error handling

Arcade collisions and 2D physics libraries

Framed, scrolling animations, 9-patch support and more

Music & sound manager with randomized effects

Particle system, shaders, and lighting system

Notes & docs in a side panel, on every screen

Ability to use custom JavaScript or TypeScript

Easy packing and deploying

Join the world of game development

It's free!

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