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Instalador Web

Supports windows 7 and higher.


Instalador Web (x64)

Unzip, run chmod +x for this file (mark as an executable) and run the file. Can be used for updates, too!

Baixar x64Baixar x32

Descompacte, marque 'ctjs' como um executável e rode ./ctjs


Baixar x64

MacOS on ARM processors may say that ct.js is broken, when it's not. See this page on how to fix it.

Other downloads

.zip archiveBaixar x64Baixar x32

Windows 7 e maiores. descompacte e abra ctjs.exe

Baixar x64Baixar x32

Descompacte, marque 'ctjs' como um executável e rode ./ctjs

Baixar x64
Instalador WebInstalador WebInstalador Web (x64)
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  1. Entre em nossa comunidade

    Tenha ajuda e fale com outros criadores.

  2. Get the cheatsheet

    Grab the list of the frequently used functions with their examples, ready for print.

  3. Leia a Documentação

    Complete nossos tutoriais e aprenda a biblioteca do ct.js.

  4. Support ct.js by subscribing on Boosty

    Boosty is like Patreon — you can say more than just "Thank you" there and support the future of this project. Patrons on Boosty get priority support, and their name get included in the app!

    Previously there were a Patreon page and donations on — but due to political situation, I can no longer accept donations from those sources.

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